The programme for BioInnovation Day 2018 consisted of four sessions of project pitches featuring 37 projects selected from both academic research and from start-up companies. Sessions started with a presentation by invited speakers on topics relevant to academia-industry partnering and start-up creation. The most promising projects were selected by a jury to receive the BioInnovation Prizes.


Yves Flückiger- Rector of the University of Geneva, Laurent Miéville- Director of Unitec, University of Geneva’s Technology Transfer Office

Francesco de Rubertis- Medicxi, Adrienne Perramond- Business Angels Switzerland, Vincent Ossipow- Neomed, Susanne Schorsch- investiere

Fabrice Delaye of Bilan Magazine- Moderator of the panel

1) HA Pearls- Eric Allémann, Kylys Sàrl

2) Smart copolymers for imaging and therapy- Cédric Thauvin, University of Geneva

3) Hybrid hydrogels for cosmetic and wound healing applications- Olivier Jordan, University of Geneva

4) Enabling Big Data in 3D bioprinting- Patrick Pestalozzi, Spitzwerk

5) AgroShelf+-Olga Dubey, AgroSustain SA

6) Bioinspired Artificial Nanocoatings- Mikhail Kryuchkov, University of Lausanne

7) SiMPLInext: enabling industrial qualified in vitro human tissue for preclinical screening- Silvia Angeloni, SiMPLInext SA

8) Next generation in vitro model for the discovery of new treatment for Alzheimer's disease- Sebastien Mosser, Neurix SA

Moderator of the session Claude Clément- President of BioAlps

9) Biodegradable anti-thrombotic vascular grafts- Beat Walpoth , University of Geneva

10) Valveless artificial heart providing pulsatile flow- Piergiorgio Tozzi, CHUV/EPFL

11) xMotion: wearable hands-free technology for people with severe paralysis- Ferran Galan, University of Geneva

12) Personalized Presbyopia Solution- David Enfrun, Kejako SA

13) 3D printed breast shell for breast radiotherapy- Giovanna Dipasquale, HUG

14) OmniCare- Mohsen Falahi, Exomotion SA

15) VioSense- Sameed Muhammed, VioSense

Christian Moser, Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property

16) APERI Pharmaceuticals: An Orascovery company- Sakthikumar Ragupathy, University of Geneva

17) Immunometabolic enhancement of CAR T-cell cancer therapies- Adrià-Arnau Martí i Líndez, University of Geneva

18) Avicenna Oncology GmbH: ImmunoPayloads- Zaki Sellam, Avicenna Oncology GmbH

19) New drug development for ALS disease- David Guan, SunRegen Healthcare AG

20) Correcting the mutation that causes neurological disorders- Vincent Dion, University of Lausanne

21) A new lead compound for the treatment of diabetes- Ferreira Queiroz Emerson, University of Geneva

22) WNTnovation: a new class of the targeted treatments against breast cancer- Alexey Koval, University of Lausanne

23) Gliapharm: The Future Of Neurotherapeutics- Sylvain Lengacher, Gliapharm SA

24) Antiviral nanomaterials against influenza- Ozgun Kocabiyik, EPFL

25) Gene-editing for treatment of Huntington's Disease- Nicole Deglon, CHUV

26) HAYA Therapeutics- Samir Ounzain, HAYA Therapeutics

27) HIV Broadly Neutralizing Antibody- Craig Fenwick, CHUV

28) IL-26 inhibitors to treat psoriasis and other inflammatory diseases- Michel Gilliet, CHUV

29) Endotelix- Karim Brandt, Endotelix

30) ImageBAT: Diagnosis of cancer-associate cachexia- Andrej Babic, University of Geneva

31) The first Point-Of-Care Diagnostic Device for Brain Injury- Alberto Schena, ABCDx SA

32) AgilBrain: early neurophysiological markers of age-related cognitive decline- Jean-Francois Demonet, CHUV

33) F3L1 peptide in the context of cardiovascular diseases- Nathalie Satta, University of Geneva

34) Controlled release photosensitizers for breast conserving surgery- James Collins, ALAnostics

35) miRNA as biomarkers and regulators of Cancer Stem Cells- Stephanie Renaud, University of Lausanne

36) A diagnostic kit for personalised dietary recommendations based on the gut microbiota- Thomas Gurry, University of Geneva

37) Novel Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools for Neurodegeneration- Adrian Schmid, EPFL

Incubator Prize Sponsored by Eclosion, Fongit, Biopôle

BioInnovation prizes Sponsored by Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property

Audience award Sponsored by VentureKick